Profitability and Contract Performance

By - December 15, 2022

Operating in the Life Science industry can bring a variety of challenges around the visibility and management of chargebacks, rebates, fees, accruals, returns, and gross to net. RSM provides advanced analytics to take your operational efficiency and profit protection to the next level. As a leading provider of Contract Management services in the life science industry, RSM understands the necessity of helping organizations have a centralized location for their data.  

RSM’s Revenue Contract Management services and application functionality with advanced analytics take the consolidation of data from multiple external solutions into one D365 Finance & Supply Chain system with analysis of data to the next level. 

The Features of RSM’s Revenue Contract Management with Power Analytics  

In total, RSM’s Advanced Analytics tool allows organizations to drive better decision-making and enhanced transparency of market and product data, with the ability to react to market dynamics to optimize pricing.  

RSM’s Life Science expertise has been built with a clear understanding of the challenges in a demanding market. Our industry advisors have proven experience delivering Microsoft technology solutions to the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies. From pre-clinical through commercialization, RSM works with clients throughout their business journey.  

Coupled with a longstanding partnership with Microsoft, RSM can bring together the most innovative technologies with up-to-date industry knowledge to elevate Life Science companies to achieving operational efficiency.  


Why Partner with RSM? 

RSM has provided implementations for Microsoft applications for more than 35 years with over 2,000 clients across the country. With more than 950 consultants and more than 2,000 clients across the United States, RSM is a dedicated Microsoft Gold Partner. RSM is the trusted advisor to middle market companies for evaluating, selecting, implementing, and supporting your company’s Microsoft investment. With more than 100 offices across North America and a global network with established Microsoft practices, RSM has certified and highly experienced Microsoft resources. Whether raising capital, addressing pricing pressures, or prioritizing development efforts, our Life Science practice helps you meet challenges head-on and resolve your business challenges. 

RSM Dynamics Life Sciences Business Development Lead, 20+ years in ERP, 90MM+ in new business acquisition in the last 5 years. Focused perfection in sales execution, high win rate, low cost, sales cycles, and developing people.

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