Case Study: Not-for-profit automates sales and marketing departments with implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

By - June 9, 2012

Pennsylvania based ECRI Institute chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM to centralize their data and automate their business process.  Equally important to the decision was  that Dynamics CRM was a consistent platform to their existing Microsoft systems.

Dan Zenzel, a director of IT at the ECRI Institute states, “In relation to other non-profits were budgets are tight and their systems are built on UNIX and free applications, ECRI is investing money in technology that helps them make money through more efficient and productive processes – this is cutting-edge.”

Many functions were configured in Dynamics CRM to automate the functions for the sales and marketing departments, including full automation of the order fulfillment process, automatic generation of subscription renewals and  integration with an e-commerce.

You can learn more by reading the case study about this non-profit’s usage of Dynamics CRM.

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By: Kathy Davidson, RSM – Microsoft Dynamics CRM Not-for-Profit Partner

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