Extend Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Changing a Form to Read-Only

By - July 17, 2012

There are various methods of modifying the rights to forms in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  In a two part series, we outline first how to make a form read-only based on a field value and then how to allow some of those fields on the read-only form to be modified.

RSM is extremely adept at delivering solutions with a complex architecture.  From basic relationship management to deep modifications with mutliple integrations, we’ve developed all types of xRM solutions where Dynamics CRM was used as the platform to develop the solutions specific to their business needs.

If you are looking to extend your Microsoft Dynamics CRM business solution, then RSM can help.  For over thirty years, we have been developing enterprise solutions for the mid-market.  In addition to our deep technical knowledge, our consultants come to us as practitioners from various industry and can apply this business knowledge to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your solution.

To learn more about our services for Dynamics CRM, request a Rapid Assessment SM from our professionals.  This process will help you identify opportunities to improve your business processes and the technology used to support them.  Our approach is flexible and aimed at cost savings.  This process also allows you to concentrate on achieving your strategic business objectives.  

By: RSM – Top Ranking National Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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