Microsoft Dynamics CRM Accelerator Spotlight: SharePoint Authentication Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

By - August 14, 2012

McGladrey’s status as a  Microsoft Partner with a Gold Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Competency means that we have demonstrated our ability to meet Microsoft customers’ evolving needs and have completed the rigorous set of tests which prove our level of technology expertise.  In addition, we’ve been implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions for more than 100 clients in various industries since its release of version 1.0.

RSM is also uniquely positioned with deep experience in integrating Dynamics CRM solutions with other Dynamics ERP products and Microsoft SharePoint.  This experience has allowed us to develop products accelerators meant to reduce the development and implementation time for our clients.

Today’s spotlight is our SharePoint Authentication Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM.  This accelerator allows companies using SharePoint portal capabilities to utilize their contacts through Microsoft Dynamics CRM for a simplified single sign-on experience.  From a user or administrator perspective, the experience with SharePoint isn’t any different than traditional security models.  SharePoint security trimming is enforced as the user navigates through the site.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM works seamlessly with business productivity tools, such as Microsoft SharePoint, allowing for streamlined collaboration, document sharing and finding the right information or people. When leveraging SharePoint as a portal for customers, these systems can work together to eliminate the need to maintain two separate contact records: one in SharePoint and the other in CRM.

If you are interested in learning more about this accelerator or our other accelerators for Microsoft Dynamics, please contact us at 855.437.7202 or via email at

By: Kathy Davidson, RSM – Top Ranking National Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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