Service Scheduling in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

By - June 18, 2012

Out of the box Microsoft Dynamics CRM doesn’t provide much around service scheduling, therefore if your organization plans to use this module it needs to be set up manually. The information below highlights the steps involved:


Create a Service, i.e. define a Service or a Job to be done.  Go to MS CRM > Settings > Business Management > Services 

Click “New” to Create a new service, you can see existing services in the list below


Give name to the Service and choose how the time will appear in Calendar against that Service when scheduled
  • Default duration is usual time take to perform the service which is editable at the time of booking the Service
  • Start activities every … this option allows you to define time slots for the entire day that you provide that Service , for example : for a service with default duration of 30 mins and start activities every hour starting from 9 AM will have time slots such as : 9-9:30 , 10-10:10
Once you have entered the Service details, create a Resource Selection rule which is used to specify:
  • How many people are required to perform this task, ex. 2 or 3 engineers
  • Whether they need to belong the same geographic region
 Click on one of the parameters:
  • Site – Location of the service to be provided
  • Facilities/Equipment – a piece of equipment or a facility associated to the service to be provided
  • Resource – Microsoft Dynamics CRM User
  • Resource Group – A group of users or facilities/resources
That action  should prompt the following window – allowing you to select the resource selection rule options.

Select the number (quantity) required to perform the task and whether they need to be from the same site or not.
After choosing number of people and location details, choose a group of workforce – users who can work to perform this Service, selecting from user, team, resource group or facilities/equipment (you can select as many of these types as needed).

If you have not created a Resource group, you can create one while creating the resource selection rule, this will help to make it easy to add or remove users from the group


Select OK
Select to save and close the service

You have now successfully created a new service in the system.


Work Hours

To set work hours and break timings for the workforce (Microsoft Dynamics CRM users)  Go to : Settings > Administration > Users > Select and open a user.  Click on “Work Hours” from the left hand navigation


Click on Set Up

The Menu will present the options to set their schedule by day, week or for time off.  Select “New Weekly Schedule” and you will be presented with the following screen which will ask which days the user works, if they observe business closings and if their work hours very or are set.

To edit their work hours/breaks etc…select “Set Work Hours” in blue.  Add Start and Finish timings routine, add break time in between.

Specify any restriction this staff has on the service jobs they can perform, ex. in this case, Mark Harrington cannot participate in “Cleaning Service”


Create a New Service Activity

After setting up workforce – user’s working hours and Service & Resource rules, create a service activity and Schedule it.  Go to MS CRM Workplace > Activities > New > Service Activity  OR Service > Service Calendar > “Schedule.”  

Choose the Service, Customer, Resources (will appear as per resource selection rule for the service on the right side on form assistant)

Click on Schedule button in the ribbon to schedule this Service Activity.         Select one more resources based on the resource selection rule, clicking in find available time will automatically show all the possible time slots and un-booked resources.

Choose one of the time slots, Save the Service Activity
The service activity will appear in Service Calendar for the booked resource -staff.
If you are interested in using the advanced settings of service scheduling, RSM offers training and support services to assist you.  Contact our Microsoft Dynamics CRM Professionals at 855.437.7202 or email us at for more information.

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